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Deportation/Removal Defense
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If you are not a U.S. citizen and you are accused of a crime, you could possibly be at risk of deportation. Deportation, or removal, occurs when an immigrant is forced to leave the United States. If you are ordered to be deported from this country, you could end up having your whole life uprooted. In fact, you may even have to be separated from your loved ones. If you are an immigrant, this makes it all the more important for you to obtain strong legal representation upon being arrested for a crime. By working with my firm, The Law Office of Steve Cedillos, you can receive the legal support you need for your criminal case. As a Honolulu criminal defense lawyer with more than two decades of experience, I am fully equipped to aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Crimes That Can Lead to Deportation
Only certain types of crimes can trigger deportations. These includes "crimes of moral turpitude," aggravated felonies and other types of offenses. The category of crimes of moral turpitude can serve as somewhat of a gray area because this term has not been well-defined in the past. Typically, these crimes include offenses that involve intended harm against others (such as assault and domestic violence), as well as crimes that involve fraud and larceny (theft). In order for a deportation to occur as the result of a crime of moral turpitude, the person must have committed the offense within the first five years of being admitted to the U.S. Or, the individuals must have committed two or more separate crimes of moral turpitude at any time after being admitted into the country. Immigrants can oftentimes avoid being deported for these types of crimes if they can show that the crime falls under the petty offense category.

The aggravated offenses that can lead to removal from the U.S. tend to be some of the most serious offenses, such as murder, rape, drug trafficking and fraud involving large amounts of money, among other offenses. There are other offenses that can cause a person to be removed from the country, such as drug crimes and illegal possession of firearms. An immigration attorney can help you determine if the offense you are charged with can affect your immigration status. Even if you believe that the crime you are accused of is minor, it is still important to check with me, as I am a Honolulu deportation defense lawyer, trained to determine your true risks.

Deportation Defense Attorney in Honolulu Challenging Your Criminal Charges
At my criminal defense law firm, my goal is to help you set up a solid defense plan and fight for the best possible outcome possible in your case. Depending on your situation, it might be best to undergo a trial and fight any type of conviction. In other cases, it might be more beneficial for you to enter a plea deal that significantly reduces your charges to an offense that will not lead to removal from the country. Contact my office so I can help you fight for your freedom and for the life you have established in the U.S.!





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