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Driving Without a License
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It is easy to jump in your car and forget your wallet or purse or to misplace your driver's license ID. While driving without your license in Hawaii may not seem like a big deal, if you are pulled over, you could get into a lot of legal trouble. While most traffic offenses in Honolulu, are civil infractions, driving without a license is a crime (HRS 286-102). As the law states,

"A traffic crime is a violation of a statute, ordinance or rule relating to traffic movement and control (including equipment and parking offenses) for which the defendant can be sentenced to a possible prison term. Examples include driving without a license, driving under the influence of an intoxicant, driving without motor vehicle insurance (except for the first offense) and reckless driving."

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Driving without a license is not an unknown practice in the United States. According to the Tampa Bay Times, nationally, about one in 10 motorists drive without a license. Furthermore, the AAA traffic safety organization estimates that two-thirds of people barred from the road keep driving.

Even more scary, according to the AAA Foundation, "Unlicensed drivers are still involved in one of every five fatal crashes." AAA Foundation study Unlicensed to Kill (2000) reported that 13.8 percent of all drivers involved in fatal crashes between the years of 1993 and 1997 had no driver's license, an invalid license, or was of unknown license status. From 2001 to 2005,

"Overall, an average of 8,030 drivers who were definitely or possibly driving with an invalid license or no license (13.7 percent of all drivers involved in fatal crashes) were involved in 7,679 fatal crashes (19.9 percent of all fatal crashes), which resulted in the deaths of 8,801 people (20.5 percent of all deaths occurring in motor vehicle traffic crashes)."

According to a California Department of Motor Vehicle Report, motorists driving without a license, or those driving illegally on a suspended or revoked license are nearly three times more likely to cause a fatal crash. While driving without a license is definitely a dangerous threat in our state and country, my firm understands that sometimes you make a careless, uncharacteristic mistake and have to pay above and beyond for it.

Penalties for Driving without a License
Have you been charged with driving without a license? If convicted, you could face a 30 day jail sentence and have to pay up to a $1,000 fine. You can also be charged for driving without a license if you: At your hearing, the burden of proof is on you to prove that you were licensed. In order for the prosecutor to prove that you are guilty of driving without a valid driver's license, he/she must establish that you drove on a street or highway and that at the time you drove, you did not have a valid driver's license.

A related offense is driving on a suspended or revoked license, however penalties area more severe if your license was suspended as opposed to merely driving without a license. For more information about driving without a license in Honolulu, check out the DMV's resources by clicking here.

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