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Honolulu Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney
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Honolulu Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney

Assisting Clients with Defense and Divorce for 20+ Years

Family law and criminal defense issues share a few of the same factors: both can make you frightened, both can make you an emotional wreck, both can turn your life upside down and both require aggressive and yet compassionate legal representation. When your children or assets are on the line after a divorce or when you have been charged with a serious violent crime or sex crime, now is not the time to try and navigate through the complexities of the legal system alone. Your rights need to be protected! Are you in need of a Honolulu lawyer? My firm can help you.

I have more than 20 years of experience to offer as a knowledgeable litigator. My firm has experience handling a wide range of legal situations, which has allowed me to develop a seasoned approach to handling cases. As an experienced litigator, I am prepared to take on criminal defense and divorce cases for clients throughout Honolulu. I devote a significant portion of my legal practice to litigation and am prepared to take each client's case in whichever direction is necessary.

As a Honolulu lawyer, I personally oversee and handle each case. You can benefit from my legal experience and tough-minded approach. It is my primary goal to help clients through their difficult situations and achieve the best outcomes possible. It is important for each of my clients to know that I am by their side throughout the entire legal process. When assisting clients through their complex legal battles, I offer unwavering representation, even when the odds seem to be against my clients.

Honest Case Assessments for Criminal Charges or Family Law Matters

If you choose to work with my firm, you will be given a realistic assessment of what direction your case may go and what the likely result will be. I will inform you of all your options and what I believe is the best approach to take. My goal is to always be efficient and to help you resolve your situation as soon as possible. I offer the highest level of legal services available for those who are facing criminal charges and are in need of aggressive defense. At the Law Offices of Steve Cedillos, I understand that being arrested and charged with a crime will place your future at risk. When you are facing jail or prison and heavy fines, it is imperative to secure the legal assistance of a Honolulu criminal defense lawyer. Whether you are facing a DUI or a felony theft charge, it is essential to obtain hard-hitting and experienced legal assistance.

Start by filling out a free case evaluation today and learn how I can assist with your legal matter.

At the Law Offices of Steve Cedillos, my other legal focus is on the field of family law, divorce and domestic violence. As a Honolulu divorce attorney, I understand the importance of securing strong and zealous advocacy for people dealing with custody and support concerns. I have assisted hundreds of individuals and families as they pursued a divorce and/or custody matter and through my efforts tried to relieve as much of their stress as possible. It is my goal to resolve these matters quickly and to help the family in any legal way necessary. I can help each individual, whether mother, father, child, or grandparent, understand his or her rights in the midst of these situations. With more than 20 years of experience, I offer thoughtful and well-reasoned negotiation, compassionate representation, and tenacious litigation ability, even in the midst of the most heated arguments, such as in cases of child custody or property disputes.

I understand the importance of being able to place your trust in your attorney. Learn about my dedication.

Compassionate Counsel and Aggressive Representation

My firm understands that it is imperative to have a strong focus throughout the entirety of a legal battle. Each family and individual has unique situations, and therefore, their circumstances must be given a personal and case-specific approach. No matter what your case requires, I can offer an effective legal method to protect your rights and your future! With a deep commitment to each client and case that I take on, I offer the support that each individual deserves. As a resident of Honolulu, I am familiar with the specific laws of the state and how criminal defense and family law matters must be handled. My firm is committed to professionalism, and I am prepared to assist you, no matter what adverse circumstances you are facing. Contact the Law Offices of Steve Cedillos today to learn more about the services that my firm offers, to protect your rights and to fight for your best possible future!

Honolulu Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney
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