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Inattention to Driving
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Hawaii hands out tickets to motorists guilty of inattentive driving. Our state recently declared April to be "Distracted Driving Awareness Month." Because Hawaii takes inattentive driving seriously, if you are charged with inattentive driving, it is imperative that you seek legal help immediately.

What is inattentive driving? Mid-America Regional Council commented that inattentive driving may include acts such as eating in the car, using a cellular device, loudly playing music, applying makeup, smoking, or dealing with a needy child. Any of these things may cause distraction from the road, rendering the driver ineffective in the event of danger.

Hawaii law, 291-12, defines inattentive driving as

"Whoever operates any vehicle without due care or in a manner as to cause a collision with, or injury or damage to, as the case may be, any person, vehicle or other property..."

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 25% of all police-reported crashes involve driver inattention. Officers generally will not cite a motorist for inattentive driving, unless they witness the infraction being committed. If an officer suspected you of innattentive driving, then speak to a Honolulu criminal defense lawyer at my firm. I can fight the evidence against you!

Penalties You Could Face
If you are guilty of inattentive driving, you can be fined up to $500 and/or imprisoned for thirty days. You can also be subject to a $100 surcharge which will be deposited into the trauma system special fund. If you straddled lanes, sped up or slowed down without an apparent reason, did not maintain appropriate following distance or evidence slow reaction times, you could be charged with inattentive driving. Or perhaps you were caught texting while driving. If so, you could face a fine of $147. Oahu has reported that since the distracted driving laws were enacted in Honolulu two years ago, there has been more than $1.6 million in tickets.

Proven Representation from a Honolulu Criminal Defense Attorney
No matter what circumstance you face, your charges can be dismissed or reduced if my firm can prove that you were not driving in an inattentive manner. In order for someone to be convicted of inattentive driving, the prosecution must prove that the defendant operated a vehicle "without due care or in a manner intentionally, knowingly or recklessly." While being charged with inattentive driving may not initially seem like a big deal, it can adversely affect your bank account, your criminal record and your future. After being charged with this violation, it is imperative that you secure the legal assistance of a litigator you can trust.

With more than 20 years of legal experience behind me, I have the knowledge and resources you need to combat the allegations facing you. Contact me today to find out more about inattentive driving and what defenses could best apply to your case. Call (808) 536-5242 now!





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