Case Results

  • Acquitted Class A Felony Drug Case
    Client is charged with receiving drugs at a post office, Cedillos represents him and client is acquitted, jury finds co - defendant guilty.
  • Acquitted Abuse of Household Member and Terroristic Threatening case
    Cedillos defends and client is acquitted after short jury deliberation in spite of sympathetic witness.
  • Acquitted Client is charged with Kidnapping and Assault in the First Degree
    Class A felonies. Cedillos defends him and client is acquitted by jury even though co - defendant is found guilty.
  • Acquitted Sex Abuse Case, Military Courts Martial
    Cedillos defends career soldier. Cedillos brings in expert in psychological tendencies of victims to incorporate in their testimony what their interrogators suggest; client acquitted.
  • Acquitted Sex Assault Case, Military Courts Martial
    African - American Marine accused of sex assault. Cedillos represents him and after a full jury trial before the panel, client is acquitted. Appointed Jag at torney had urged client to take a plea bargain.
  • Charges Dismissed Drug Case
    Client stopped at airport with good sized amount of cocaine and fitting profile of suspicious appearing traveler; Cedillos defends and obtains hung jury on nearly impossible case. Client's charges eventually dismissed 3 years later on search and seizure issue; client able to work and pursue career throughout.
  • Acquitted Abuse of Household Member
    Wife accuses husband of Abuse, Cedillos defends and brings out wife's credibility problems and twisting of facts. Client is acquitted and a potential criminal record is averted.
  • Acquitted Driving Under the Influence Cases
    Various clients arrested for drunk driving. Cedillos represents and shows that po lice officer's observations do not rise to the level of proof beyond a reasonable doubt; clients acquitted.
  • Physical and Legal Custody Family Law
    Disturbed Husband abandons wife, obtains default divorce and disappears, taking their baby daughter with him. Years later, ex - husband shows up in Hawaii demanding child support. Cedillos files motion to regain custody for mother and she is awar ded full physical and legal custody after a trial in which Cedillos demonstrates to the Court just how detrimental father's continuing custody is to the best interests of the child. Father appeals and appeal is denied.
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