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Representing Service Members in Oahu

If you are a service member that has been accused of committing a criminal offense, then you may have a lot to lose. A criminal conviction could mean civilian penalties in addition to penalties from your branch of service. Your legal defender could have a large impact on the outcome of your case, so make sure you obtain counsel from an experienced Honolulu criminal defense advocate from my firm. At the Law Office of Steve Cedillos, I handle a wide range of criminal case for military members.

Don't risk a dishonorable or a bad conduct discharge, as there are serious consequences. In addition to losing your job, you may no longer be eligible to receive wages, pensions and other forms of military assistance. We can represent your rights at a discharge hearing or a general court martial.

With over two decades of experience, you know that you can trust me to competently handle your situation. Call (808) 201-0496 for a free case evaluation.

Why Hire Private Representation?

While you may obtain military defense counsel, it is beneficial for you to hire your own private counsel. That way you have an attorney who is employed by you alone and working only for you. In addition, our office has over 25 years of experience handling courts martials from general court martials for very serious felonies on down through summary offenses. Put your future in the hands of someone who has successfully defended service members of the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. My firm will commit itself solely to your cause and will do everything possible to get a favorable verdict.

Contact a Tough Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

Do you need a criminal defense lawyer for your military case in Oahu? Retain a legal defender that cares about your freedom. Contact a Honolulu military defense attorney from the Law Office of Steve Cedillos as soon as you can. I offer a free case evaluation for those who would like a review of their case at no charge.

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