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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, then you likely have many questions that must be answered. You possibly have the same question that others have had in the past, and for that reason, my firm offers this frequently asked divorce questions section. Feel free to read through the following questions and answers and then contact my firm for additional information.

What is mediation?

Mediation means that the individuals going through the divorce are involved in an uncontested divorce and are able to communicate with one another. When a neutral third party is hired to be the mediator, any conflicts can be calmly discussed and resolved. The purpose is to work out a divorce agreement without having to go through a contested action in the courts.

How long does the process take?

In some cases, a divorce can take just a few weeks. This can occur if both spouses are able to come to an agreement on all important topics, such as child custody and property division. Such a situation would constitute an uncontested divorce. Sometimes, however, a divorce can take months because of the extensive negotiation that must take place, such as in a contested divorce.

What are the grounds for divorce?

In the state of Hawaii, a divorce can be granted for a few reasons. The first ground for divorce is that the marriage is irretrievably broken. The second is that both parties have lived separate and apart under a decree of separation, and no reconciliation has renewed the marriage. If the parties have lived separate and apart for two or more years under a decree of separation and no reconciliation has worked, then the divorce can be granted. The final ground for divorce is if the parties have lived separately for two or more years immediately prior to filing without any likelihood of reconciliation.

Is my separate property going to be divided between both parties?

If your separate property was obtained prior to the marriage or was given as a gift or through inheritance, it does not generally need to be distributed for the purpose of an equitable division. The court is not restricted, however, from having this property distributed in all circumstances. There are some situations that may require separate property to be distributed for the benefit of both parties.

Informative Answers from A Honolulu Attorney

At the Law Offices of Steve Cedillos, I understand that you need all of the answers you can get before taking legal action. The battleground of a divorce is filled with doubt, uncertainty, and confusion. For this reason, I am open to answering all of your questions. I can help you navigate this situation each step of the way.

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Criminal Defense FAQ

Have you been accused of a criminal charge in or around Honolulu? As a Honolulu criminal defense lawyer, I have more than 30 years of experience helping those who have been arrested or are under investigation of a criminal offense. I understand that you likely have many questions, and my firm is prepared to answer them. In this section, I have included answers to several frequently asked questions on the topic of criminal defense.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

Depending on many factors, including the severity of your offense and the state in which you are accused, you can be charged with either a felony or misdemeanor. Misdemeanor charges carry less-severe penalties than felonies. There are also three different degrees of charges depending on the severity of the offense. The simplest crime will be charged as a third-degree misdemeanor and the most severe offense will be charged as a first-degree felony.

What is the responsibility of the prosecutor?

The prosecutor is the lawyer who will represent the government, whether federal, state, or local. The prosecutor will place accusations and evidence against the criminal defendant. Generally, there is a district attorney who will be the primary law enforcement representative against the individual who allegedly commits a crime in that region. Prosecutors have significant power, so it is essential to have a hard-hitting defense attorney.

Do I need a lawyer to represent my case if it is minor?

If you are charged, it is essential to obtain a lawyer, no matter how minor the offense. Even the most minor offenses can have significant consequences for the accused. A conviction of any type of offense, including a DUI or drug crime, can have significant bearing on your life. You can lose your eligibility to receive federal aid and other benefits. Any non-traffic-related offense can result in being denied acceptance into an educational program.

What is the role of the grand jury?

The grand jury has specific responsibilities and duties. They will decide whether there is enough satisfactory evidence to suspect the defendant and file the charges. They will review the evidence and hear testimony to determine whether the accused should be indicted. It is not, however, the grand jury's responsibility to decide whether the defendant is guilty or innocent. The grand jury system is used in all states.

Do you have further questions?

If you have any more questions regarding the charges against you, it is important to speak with my firm. You should not have to go through this legal battle on your own, and I can help you obtain the necessary answers to get you through this situation. It is crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of your case and to not be confused about any step of the process. It is likely your first experience with criminal charges, and my firm can help you understand how to best navigate the process.

If you have more questions about the criminal defense process in Honolulu, call (808) 201-0496 today.

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